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Our Subsidiaries and Partnerships

Blockgration’s strategic partners across the globe are the other key stakeholders in the Blockgration community;  together we  a dynamic portfolio of B2B benefits and incentives for our client’s end users. Strategic partnerships create an easy-to-scale Global Collaboration Framework.


Our strategic partners across the globe are the key to developing our Solutions

BlockLine provides CIOs and business leaders with a right lens and toolset to enable their organization in this digital-led transformation phase. BlockLine has specific expertise and products to help enhance your capabilities and strengthen your market presence with 360-degree intelligence on products, customers and channels.

Virtublock OÜ, ( or Virtublock or VOÜ) is a corporation formed under the laws of the country of Estonia Northern Europe  is a subsidiary of Blockgration Global Corp. Virtublock’s portfolio provides Payment, Trading, and Investment applications; secure technology infrastructure; and business consulting to clients. Virtublock, has developed InfyDX (, a crypto exchange platform, based in Estonia, that utilizes interoperable fiat-crypto digital infrastructure to provide a Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) with global on-boarding boarding and off-boarding capabilities, catering to businesses, consumers, and institutional investors.

Zuum, delivers solutions on a hybrid SaaS model where Zuum not only develop, deploy and maintain but also venture into the business journey with you. Backed by the confidence on our products and engineering skills, we willingly pledge our business success to yours

Three Monks Pvt. Ltd. is established to cater to the growing needs in the space of FinTech with a special focus on developing and deploying innovative products and services in the field of Digital Financial Services, Agriculture, Remittance Industry, Insurance Sector, Retail Payments, and Delivery and Distribution.

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Successful collaboration with strategic partners helps in calibrating the product-market fit. By providing flexible engagement models we ensure the Partner’s Senior Management buy-in to fast track the launch of our services. 

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